Anita Teigen, L.Ac. helps clients discover relief from chronic and painful conditions without invasive treatments or pharmaceuticals. Red Clover Clinic provides a balanced treatment plan of acupuncture, auricular medicine, Nutrition Response TestingSM/Morphogenic Field Technique and complementary services, all backed by respected licenses, certifications and continuing education.

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In this ancient therapeutic treatment, fine needles inserted into specific points on the body spark a healing reaction. The needles have the power to relax contracted muscles, decrease pain and inflammation, regulate body functions and calm the nervous system—promoting a deep, peaceful, relaxing experience. The treatments are administered as you rest on a massage table or in a recliner.


Auricular Medicine

This modern development in acupuncture treatment offers powerful potential to treat otherwise hard-to-treat conditions, including:

• chronic neurological and muscular pain
• migraines
• allergies
• insomnia
• anxiety
• depression
• hormonal imbalances
• irritable bowel
• irritable bladder

A specific specialty of this medicine is its ability to find, treat and clear blockages in the body caused by old injuries, surgeries and traumas that interfere with day-to-day functioning and healing. These treatments can be administered with acupuncture needles or pain-free laser acupuncture.


Nutrition Response TestingSM & Morphogenic Field Technique

Nutrition Response TestingSM and Morphogenic Field Technique are systems of creating nutritional programs to improve health and help the body heal itself. Diet and nutrition are an important part of healing chronic health problems and promoting long-term wellness. Sometimes eating certain foods and avoiding others can help to improve a condition dramatically. It takes time and dedication, but is worth the effort. Whole food nutritional supplements are also a great help. Red Clover Clinic offers Standard Process supplements, made from concentrated whole foods. In some cases, herbal formulas and homeopathic preparations are necessary, and we use only well-tested products that have been proven over time from specific manufacturers.


Low Level Laser Therapy

Low-level lasers are used to treat pain, wounds, and skin issues, as well as to stimulate acupuncture points. There is also the possibility to exert a more systemic effect by targeting the blood with laser treatment, thereby treating:

• cardiovascular issues
• immune issues
• allergies
• fatigue
• depression
• fibromyalgia
• diabetes
• chronic liver and kidney diseases

Red Clover Clinic uses high-quality laser equipment from RJ-Laser, designed and manufactured in Germany.


Botanical Medicine

Safe and powerful healing herbal substances are used to reduce pain, increase energy, calm the mind, correct physiological imbalances and restore the proper functioning of the body, mind and spirit. After a thorough assessment of your condition, herbal prescriptions are given in a variety of forms: tinctures, capsules, teas, oils and ointments. At Red Clover Clinic, we use only the best local, hand-crafted herbal medicines, Chinese herbal formulas, essential oils and flower essences.



Bodywork is used to unlock disruptive, and painful, restrictions throughout the body. It is effective at reducing pain, increasing flexibility and improving posture. Techniques used include:

• tuina (Chinese medical massage)
• cupping
• guasha (scraping)
• neuromuscular therapy
• positional release therapy
• cranial sacral therapy
• myofascial release
• deep tissue massage
• energy work
• foot reflexology

Because bodywork and acupuncture have a synergistic effect, Red Clover Clinic offers special sessions that provide a powerful combination of these therapies.


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