Treating traumas of the soul

One of the things that kept me busy during the pandemic shutdown was an online German auricular acupuncture course on identifying and treating soul trauma. Soul trauma refers to psychological wounds and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Most of us have experienced some form of shock, trauma, injury, or abuse in our lives. There may even […]

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In pursuit of a golden thumb

At the end of May, I traveled to Toronto for an advanced training in German auricular medicine, taught by Dr. Frank Bahr. He has been the principal developer and innovator of the German style of auricular medicine, and I feel grateful that he made the trip across the Atlantic to share his knowledge. Developing a […]

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Are your teeth hiding something from you?

I recently returned from Nova Scotia where I attended a Level III course on German Auricular Medicine. It was a wonderful experience that included refining current techniques and learning a few new ones. One technique we concentrated on was the assessment and treatment of hidden dental foci. I have discussed the treatment of focus activity […]

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Roadblocks to healing

Is something preventing you from healing? Earlier in my practice when someone came to me with a particular complaint, I tried to figure out how to directly treat the symptoms and condition, then balance the energy in the body.  Sounds good, right? Sometimes the results were good. But, sometimes they weren’t—the symptoms lessened temporarily, but then came right […]

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Healthy blood, healthy body

From the perspective of both Chinese and western medicine, the health of our blood is essential to our overall health. What can we do to support the health of our blood?  I’ve devoted this entire newsletter to discussing how to support blood health and function, including introducing you to a new tool Red Clover Clinic […]

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Let there be “laser” light!

Red Clover Clinic adds low-level laser therapy—no-needles, no pain Another big announcement for my auricular practice is the addition of the RJ LaserPen.  With the LaserPen, I can give an auricular treatment with absolutely no pain or discomfort, and I can add healing bio-frequencies (electrical frequencies that resonate with particular tissues in the body), particular to […]

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