What has changed? What have we learned?

After a year of living under the dark cloud that is the coronavirus pandemic, we’re still struggling with uncertainty and trying to maintain hope. In spite of increased vaccination rates, the infection rates continue to be high. Being vaccinated does protect us from severe expression of the disease, but not as much against contracting or […]

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Avoiding the straw that broke the camel’s back

Stress is part of life. We live in a fast-paced world, we place high demands on ourselves, and we have constant challenges with work, family, finances, politics–you name it! Typically we feel “stressed” when we don’t feel we have the energetic resources to match the obstacle we’re faced with. There are many ways to manage […]

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A late summer plant walk

I found these two beautiful kidney remedies growing near each other on the same day in late August in Silverwood Park. Joe Pye Weed – Eupatorium purpureum This is a plant that grows where water and land meet. It often has calcifications stuck around its roots, which explains its other name: gravel root. These two signatures […]

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Eat your veggies!

It’s summer! The growing season is at its peak. Farmers markets and grocery stores are chock full of locally grown vegetables in all colors, shapes, and sizes. We focus so often on what we can’t or shouldn’t eat, so in this article, I want to focus on what we should eat—and eat in large quantities—vegetables! […]

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Healthy blood, healthy body

From the perspective of both Chinese and western medicine, the health of our blood is essential to our overall health. What can we do to support the health of our blood?  I’ve devoted this entire newsletter to discussing how to support blood health and function, including introducing you to a new tool Red Clover Clinic […]

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Taming the hot flash dragon

A common reason women visit Red Clover Clinic is to find relief from hot flashes associated with perimenopause and menopause. These seemingly random flushes of heat, often accompanied by sweat, can be very disruptive to daily life and, especially, to sleep. Despite the fact that scientists haven’t figured out exactly why hot flashes occur, it […]

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Fend off the flu! 13 tips for 2013

  The flu seems to be quite virulent this year. According to the latest statistics, this is considered to be the worst outbreak in a decade, with many flu-associated deaths. What can you do to protect yourself? Whether you are a proponent of the flu shot or not, the following tips will help to keep […]

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Herbal teas for cold and flu season

It’s that time of year, cold and flu season. If you are unlucky enough to succumb, the best antidote for a miserable cold with body aches, chills, and fever is to sweat. Drinking a warm herbal tea with diaphoretic (sweat promoting) properties and wrapping up in heavy blankets will help you to sweat out the […]

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Blue Vervain — identification and uses

Blue Vervain (Verbena hastata) has many medicinal uses. I primarily use it to calm and ease all types of tension in the body. Tension can result in many conditions including spasms, tremors, pain, hypertension, headaches, dizziness, emotional tension, ADHD, menstrual and menopausal complaints, and more. Blue Vervain is a n attractive plant that produces spikes of […]

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A summer herb walk

Red Clover The herb red clover is, of course, the namesake of Red Clover Clinic. I am often asked the question: “Why red clover?”  I have had a fondness for red clover since I was a child. I’m pretty sure that along with dandelions, red clover was one of my first live herb interactions. I […]

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