In pursuit of a golden thumb

At the end of May, I traveled to Toronto for an advanced training in German auricular medicine, taught by Dr. Frank Bahr. He has been the principal developer and innovator of the German style of auricular medicine, and I feel grateful that he made the trip across the Atlantic to share his knowledge. Developing a […]

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Getting to the root of pain and illness

Over the past several years, I have studied many different treatment methods. I’ve learned quite a few that are effective at stopping a symptom. I have found, however, that often symptoms return if the root cause wasn’t addressed. The methods that I stick with are those that focus on getting to the cause of pain and illness. The […]

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How full is your rainbarrel?

I recently gave a talk about German auricular acupuncture at a health fair. Afterwards, a couple of people came up to me saying they could relate to a certain phenomenon that I had described. I’ve written about this topic in my newsletter in the past, but it’s been a couple of years, and I think it […]

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Are your teeth hiding something from you?

I recently returned from Nova Scotia where I attended a Level III course on German Auricular Medicine. It was a wonderful experience that included refining current techniques and learning a few new ones. One technique we concentrated on was the assessment and treatment of hidden dental foci. I have discussed the treatment of focus activity in […]

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Roadblocks to healing

Is something preventing you from healing? Earlier in my practice when someone came to me with a particular complaint, I tried to figure out how to directly treat the symptoms and condition, then balance the energy in the body.  Sounds good, right? Sometimes the results were good. But, sometimes they weren’t—the symptoms lessened temporarily, but then came right […]

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Is a scar scrambling your nervous system?

If Humpty Dumpty had been put back together again, he would have had scars. Scars are the byproduct of the body repairing a wound. That’s a good thing, right? Yes, but once the body has healed, scar tissue may present some problems. Scar tissue on the skin’s surface can scramble nerve signals, causing a wide […]

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Great article on German auricular acupuncture

If you have had an appointment at Red Clover Clinic in the past couple of years, you have probably heard me talk about or experienced a session of German auricular acupuncture.  This technique has really transformed my practice by helping me treat many conditions with greater effect than before, or at the very least, offering a complementary […]

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Let there be “laser” light!

Red Clover Clinic adds low-level laser therapy—no-needles, no pain Another big announcement for my auricular practice is the addition of the RJ LaserPen.  With the LaserPen, I can give an auricular treatment with absolutely no pain or discomfort, and I can add healing bio-frequencies (electrical frequencies that resonate with particular tissues in the body), particular to […]

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Clearing blockages to healing

I recently returned from another German auricular acupuncture training in Ottawa, Ontario. (Maman, the giant spider pictured to the left, created by sculptor Louise Bourgeois,  is one of many signature images of Ottawa.)  The training was called “Clearing Blockages to Healing,” a simple name with profound meaning. I knew the new information would allow my auricular […]

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Taming the hot flash dragon

A common reason women visit Red Clover Clinic is to find relief from hot flashes associated with perimenopause and menopause. These seemingly random flushes of heat, often accompanied by sweat, can be very disruptive to daily life and, especially, to sleep. Despite the fact that scientists haven’t figured out exactly why hot flashes occur, it […]

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