Standard Process whole food supplements

I have personally enjoyed the benefits of Standard Process whole foods supplements and introduced them into my practice in October. I’d like to share with you what I learned about these useful supplements during an educational weekend touring their impressive facility in Palmyra, WI.  The company Standard Process is the first and oldest whole food […]

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Herbal teas for cold and flu season

It’s that time of year, cold and flu season. If you are unlucky enough to succumb, the best antidote for a miserable cold with body aches, chills, and fever is to sweat. Drinking a warm herbal tea with diaphoretic (sweat promoting) properties and wrapping up in heavy blankets will help you to sweat out the […]

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What is unique about German auricular acupuncture?

In the last issue of the Red Clover Clinic Newsletter you learned about German auricular acupuncture and why the ear provides us with such a powerful landscape from which to treat the whole body. Here’s a quick review:  The brain projects a representative map of the entire body onto the ear.  Any injuries and illnesses are […]

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Pain in the muscles and connective tissues

At some point we have all experienced pain in the muscles and their surrounding connective tissues, known as myofascial pain. Some people experience this kind of pain, whether widespread or localized, at all times. Regardless of level of severity, it is important to address myofasical pain and whatever is causing it, whether to prevent the […]

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Know your bodywork techniques

Red Clover Clinic uses a variety of techniques to treat pain conditions such as pain in the low and upper back, neck, shoulders, and joints; chronic headaches; TMJ dysfunction; and carpal tunnel syndrome.  I typically achieve the best results by applying a combination of acupuncture and one or more healing techniques. These “Mix and Match” […]

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Coming to terms with your diet

Would you like to have more energy and better overall health? At the cusp of the new year, many of us come to terms with old habits that no longer serve us and set new goals for our well-being. Consider making one of those resolutions reducing or eliminating those sweet things that do some not-so-sweet […]

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Managing stress with acupuncture

You know what it feels like to be stressed out. Your nerves get jangled, and you can’t relax. You may experience muscle tightness and pain. You may develop a headache. Your heart may even feel like it is going to jump right out of your body.  The scary thing is that when you feel like […]

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In search of health

As this year comes to a close, I am filled with excitement and gratitude as I think of all the wonderful people who have walked through the doors at Red Clover Clinic. I have witnessed some profound shifts towards health during the past year…pain has decreased, anxiety has become manageable, depression has lifted, digestion has […]

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