A new method to release emotional baggage

Much of the treatment we do in this office is body-focused. It is the emotions, however, that cause—or at least affect—much of what people suffer from. Addressing emotional health can have a definite, positive impact on physical health. There are many ways to do this. From an acupuncture standpoint, improving the flow of energy and […]

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Preparing for a smoother menopause transition

The menopause transition is no joke! For those of you who have been through menopause, are going through perimenopause, or who live with a woman going through these stages, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Some women are lucky enough to sail through the menopause transition relatively effortlessly, but the majority of women struggle with […]

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Humans are wired for resilience

Guest contributor Diana Johnson is a former middle school art teacher who developed an interest in how people stay resilient after a turbulent period in her life. She now works as a life coach helping other people navigate change in their lives with resilience using insight and tools from neurobiology, ancient wisdom traditions, and the […]

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From acupuncture to Zithromycin

There are so many descriptors for what we offer at Red Clover Clinic: natural medicine, alternative medicine, complementary medicine, integrative health are a just a few. These terms can be confusing. For example, “alternative medicine” implies that our approach offers an alternative to conventional medicine, which it does. However, it also implies that it could replace […]

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How full is your rain barrel?

While pondering what to write about for this issue of the newsletter, I realized how exhausted and overwhelmed I’ve been feeling. And, come to think of it, my clients have been feeling similar versions of fatigue. I think the combination of normal personal challenges, world news, hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, political strife, and, of course, the […]

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Are you suffering from chronic, unexplained pain?

If you are struggling with joint pain, muscle pain, urogenital pain, headaches, burning feet, and/or general, unexplained inflammation, you may be suffering from oxalate toxicity. Oxalates are a crystalline substance found in plants, that can accumulate in our tissues, causing pain and dysfunction. Our bodies also metabolically produce oxalates. If we consume foods that are high […]

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Healing the body by addressing the mind and spirit

There are many factors that affect our health: physical, environmental, social, emotional. To fully understand and heal a condition, we must untangle and address all of these factors. For example, even if a case of back pain was caused by an overt injury, there may be an emotion or a pain memory that, left unaddressed, […]

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Treating traumas of the soul

One of the things that kept me busy during the pandemic shutdown was an online German auricular acupuncture course on identifying and treating soul trauma. Soul trauma refers to psychological wounds and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Most of us have experienced some form of shock, trauma, injury, or abuse in our lives. There may even […]

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What is chronic stress?

I’m sure you get a feeling in your body when thinking about chronic stress. You know what it feels like, but what is it exactly? To better understand stress and its effect on the body, first we must understand something about our nervous system. The autonomic nervous system The autonomic nervous system is in charge […]

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In pursuit of a golden thumb

At the end of May, I traveled to Toronto for an advanced training in German auricular medicine, taught by Dr. Frank Bahr. He has been the principal developer and innovator of the German style of auricular medicine, and I feel grateful that he made the trip across the Atlantic to share his knowledge. Developing a […]

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