A new method to release emotional baggage

Much of the treatment we do in this office is body-focused. It is the emotions, however, that cause—or at least affect—much of what people suffer from. Addressing emotional health can have a definite, positive impact on physical health. There are many ways to do this.

From an acupuncture standpoint, improving the flow of energy and addressing the organs associated with particular emotions will help the emotions to move through the body/mind/spirit and balance out. Auricular acupuncture uses points that treat specific emotions and methods to release trauma and treat PTSD. On occasion, we select flower essences to help release emotions and herbs to manage symptoms associated with emotional stress.

I was recently able to learn a method called the Emotional Unwind Procedure, which is created by the developers of Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT, see video below) as a part of the MFT approach. So far, I have found the Emotional Unwind Procedure to be very effective at shifting emotional stress and bringing up important conversations that help clarify and process the effects of negative emotions. In other words, this method helps people cope with the negative physiological effects of what has happened to them.

Before we discuss Emotional Unwind Procedure, it is important to understand MFT. The basic concept behind MFT is to build and maintain a large energy field. A large field is associated with improved overall health, vitality, longevity, and autonomic nervous system function. The larger the field, the better your vitality. Environmental factors affect the size of an energy field. A toxic environment, processed food, and being surrounded by negativity will shrink your field. Living in a healthy, natural environment; eating organic food; and being surrounded by love will increase the size of your field. As MFT’s founder, Dr. Frank Springob, says, considering our current environment and the poor health of the general population, “You can’t afford to have a small field anymore.”

MFT uses a combination of muscle response testing and vials programed with various energies to determine what is challenging the body at the moment, and what we can do to correct these challenges. Dr. Springob put together the 5-minute video below that explains the basics of how MFT works.

Typically, when I try to increase someone’s energy field, I search for toxins to detox, immune challenges to address, or foods to remove from the diet. These treatments are necessary, but it takes time to increase the size of the field. The Emotional Unwind Procedure is an effective and highly efficient way to address emotions and increase a person’s energy field. It is still important to do theother more physiological treatments, but the benefits of having a larger field can be enjoyed almost immediately.

This technique uses a combination of vials programed with the energies of emotions and bio-resonators, in the form of a brass coin, to unwind the emotions from the body. Bio-resonators are used as a storage device for subtle energies. I have a client who has named them “magic coins.” The bio-resonators are programed with corrective energies that target all of the subtle energy receptors in the body, including the nervous system, meridians, and chakras. Placing the bio-resonators onto the body helps to correct stress-induced disruptions at the cellular level and promotes healing. 

Emotional Unwind Procedure may seem like an unorthodox method, but it is important to remember that working with energy and energy fields is slowly becoming more understood. It is truly remarkable what information we can glean from the energy field, and what level of healing can be achieved by addressing those things. If you’re interested in finding out more about the Emotional Unwind Technique, or MFT in general, give us a call or ask about it at your next appointment.