High tech or high stress?

Are you suffering from symptoms like increased heart rate, palpitations, anxiety, and disrupted sleep? If so, do you wear an Apple watch? This might seem like a strange question to ask, but twice in the past year, I have come across this scenario, and by removing the watch, the symptoms either went away, or dissipated significantly.

Of course, many people wear Apple watches and don’t have these symptoms. But it’s possible some may be experiencing different symptoms, or the symptoms named above to a lesser degree, and would never dream that their watch could be the culprit.

Many people wear their watch 24/7, because it tracks their steps and their sleep…all in the name of promoting health. I recently heard of someone who suggested an Apple watch for elderly people, because they can call 911 if they fall. These are all important functions, but we also have to consider that the watches may have counterbalancing negative side effects on our health.  

In addition to smart watches, we have many sources of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) in our modern lives: cell phones, wi-fi routers, tablets, cordless phones, clock radios, computers, TVs, smart meters, Fitbits, Bluetooth products, etc. The items that seem to cause the biggest amount of stress on our bodies are those that send and receive data. Putting cell phones, Apple watches, and tablets in airplane mode can reduce EMF radiation significantly. 

Another theory I have as to why the Apple watch had such a specific symptom profile in these two people is that it wraps around the wrist. It crosses six of the twelve acupuncture meridians, two of which, the heart and the pericardium meridians, directly affect heart function. The heart, furthermore, is an electrical organ, so it is more vulnerable to electrical signals. This is just a theory, but I do find the correlation fascinating. 

I have seen other people who are sensitive to EMFs, myself included, experience disrupted sleep and fatigue. It is the increased heart rate and palpitations, particular to these two cases with the Apple watch, that caught my attention.

You might be wondering how we determined that the Apple watch was the cause of the symptoms in the two cases. Acting on a hunch, I did my usual muscle testing. I tested each person with and without the watch. I noted how it affected their energy fields and their organs. In both cases, the muscle testing results were completely different, depending on whether the watch was on their body or not. The energy field increased in size, and the organs tested much stronger when the watch was several feet away from their body. 

What’s the moral of this story? I think it’s important to have awareness that objects that bring us convenience, and sometimes even safety, come at a cost. If we are experiencing symptoms, we should educate ourselves to find out if EMFs could be the cause. This article is a good place to start: Apple Watch EMF Radiation – A Complete Guide. If we already know we are sensitive to EMFs, then we might choose to forgo the Apple watch, or keep it in airplane mode whenever possible, and take it off at night.

Do you think your Apple watch could be interfering with your health? If so, feel free to bring it up next time you come in, and we can do some testing.