Are you suffering from pandemic fatigue?

Back in January, I wrote an article called Why do we get sick? At the time, we were experiencing a bad flu season, but I had no idea that we were about to enter into a worldwide pandemic. I thought it might be useful to revisit the reasons we do or do not get sick as we approach the fall, another flu season, and a possible worsening of COVID-19 spread.

No matter what type of contagion we are trying to avoid, those who are healthiest avoid getting sick or get milder cases of illness. They also recover faster and more completely. Of course, there are always exceptions. What has been frightening during this pandemic is that there have been a handful of cases of young, strong and seemingly healthy people dying as a result of COVID-19. They may be young and appear healthy, but it is important to remember that we do not know their complete health histories. They may have an unhealthy diet or poor lifestyle habits that haven’t yet manifested in obvious ways. Or, they may simply be the unfortunate exception.

There is so much we don’t know about this virus, and in spite of pandemic-fatigue, we have to persevere and exercise caution with how we go about our daily lives. We must continue physical distancing, wash our hands frequently, and wear a mask when we’re in indoor public spaces. Even more importantly, in my opinion, we have to take good care of ourselves. The more we implement and maintain healthy habits, the more likely we will stay healthy, or at least healthier. 

It is important to eat a varied, fresh and healthy diet. Avoid sugar and processed foods. Avoid environmental toxins as much as possible. Get regular exercise. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Stay in touch with friends and family, if not in person, then via Zoom or phone calls. Finally, manage stress as much as possible. 

Now that natural healthcare clinics have the appropriate safety measures in place, it is also helpful to get regular care to manage stress, boost the immune system and balance the body. Nutritional support, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, craniosacral therapy, etc. are all effective at supporting health and preventing disease.

This isn’t a time to stick our heads in the sand, or to binge eat while binge watching Netflix. We need to stay engaged and make our physical and mental health a priority. If you are in need of some support, feel free to give us a call.