Treating traumas of the soul

One of the things that kept me busy during the pandemic shutdown was an online German auricular acupuncture course on identifying and treating soul trauma. Soul trauma refers to psychological wounds and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Most of us have experienced some form of shock, trauma, injury, or abuse in our lives. There may even be an event that we are not conscious of, such as birth trauma, that is still having an effect on our whole being. 

The assessment

As with all German auricular acupuncture methods, I use the pulse to find the points that need treatment. This method uses several different flower essences to help identify, and in some cases treat, the trauma. 

The process begins by scanning a portion of the back of the head along the Governing Vessel, one of the energy pathways in Chinese medicine. If there is an active pulse reading, we can pinpoint a certain age range of when the trauma happened. The client is then asked to think back to that age, and try to remember if there was a traumatic event that they experienced. Most of the time, the client has an immediate recognition of the trauma. 

Next, the active area must be scanned with a few different flower essences, to determine which one will be useful to treat the trauma. There will be a point on the ear that corresponds with the selected flower essence that will also be treated. Again, the pulse is used to find a resonance between the flower essence and the points.

The treatment

The treatment is composed of three parts.

  1. The recall and acknowledgement of the traumatic event. 
  2. The flower essence that resonated with the point on the timeline can be taken internally, daily, for up to a few weeks.
  3. The point on the ear that is associated with the flower essence can be treated with a semi-permanent needle, a regular acupuncture needle and/or laser treatment with the frequency associated with the flower essence. 

The area on the timeline will need to be checked on subsequent visits. The point may be cleared, or it will require further treatment. Sometimes a new area will show up. If multiple points show up, the trauma that happened earliest in life is the one that is addressed first. Often it will clear the subsequent traumas. 

In light of the traumatic events surrounding the murder of George Floyd that have happened here in Minnesota in the past few weeks, I found the timing of this new-to-me method to be quite relevant and well-timed. Many of my clients are showing up still in shock and experiencing anxiety. By addressing the older traumatic events, I’m hoping that they will be more able to process these new traumas in real time, so they don’t suffer a lasting effect. 

Working with my clients at this level has been a gift. I feel like they have allowed me a glimpse into their lives, and we have been able to process these deep traumatic experiences together.