In pursuit of a golden thumb

At the end of May, I traveled to Toronto for an advanced training in German auricular medicine, taught by Dr. Frank Bahr. He has been the principal developer and innovator of the German style of auricular medicine, and I feel grateful that he made the trip across the Atlantic to share his knowledge.

Developing a “golden thumb”

Dr. Bahr made it clear that skilled practitioners need to develop a “golden thumb.” If you have experienced an auricular acupuncture treatment from me, you may recall that I monitor your pulse with my thumb throughout the session. With my thumb, I am constantly feeling for the VAS (vascular autonomic signal) while scanning the ear with a tool in my other hand. When there is a resonance to a certain point in the ear, the pulse becomes more sharp and accentuated. This is how your body guides me on what to treat and how to treat it. It takes a lot of practice and experience to become attuned to the VAS.

New territory in German auricular medicine

This training was different from others in that it was structured to help us think outside the box. We learned a number of approaches to getting information from the body, how to address what we find, as well as how to start thinking on our own to develop new approaches.

Dr. Bahr has researched different forms of energy healing, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and homeopathy. He discussed how to employ several concepts form each in auricular medicine. In some cases, it helped us to see the connection between emotions and specific organs and in other cases, how to determine constitutional weakness and how to support the body so it can maintain homeostasis.

The power of laser frequencies

One of Dr. Bahr’s innovations is the use of the low-level laser in auricular medicine for diagnosis and treatment. He and other skilled practitioners have discovered particular frequencies that can be programmed into the laser that resonate with certain tissues (joints, vertebrae, teeth, organs) and energies (meridians, chakras, emotions). These frequencies add to the precision and broaden the scope of what can be done with auricular medicine.

To use the laser diagnostically, the laser is programmed with a specific frequency and put on the body. Then certain points on the ears, or the ears in general, are scanned, while monitoring the pulse. This method will accentuate the points that are related to the frequency and diminish all other points. In other words, the practitioner is able to gather a lot more information about the active points and can determine their significance to the treatment.

The laser can be used in treatment to clear negative energy out of a point, much like an acupuncture needle. Most often, the person being treated has enough vital force to start healing following the regulating effect of the acupuncture or laser treatment. However, if the client’s body is very weak and deficient, it may not be able to respond to the treatment. It needs to be replenished with some positive, healing energy. The laser, programed with a specific frequency, has the ability to do this.

For more information on the basics of low-level laser therapy, see my article: Let their be “laser” light!

Why German auricular medicine?

German auricular medicine is a good therapy option for almost anyone, particularly those who suffer from stubborn pain and conditions, and those who haven’t felt the same since having a surgery, injury, or trauma. I also find it to be quite useful in balancing emotions, hormones, and stress.

One of my teachers, Muriel Agnes, states it succinctly in her book Auricular Medicine: Window to the Brain (Blurb, 2018, p. 1):

“The ear, the auricle, is a window to the brain, showing us a dynamic, current reflection of what is happening in the whole brain, making the structures and functions of the person visible and accessible to the trained practitioner.”

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