Are your teeth hiding something from you?

I recently returned from Nova Scotia where I attended a Level III course on German Auricular Medicine. It was a wonderful experience that included refining current techniques and learning a few new ones.

One technique we concentrated on was the assessment and treatment of hidden dental foci. I have discussed the treatment of focus activity in a few newsletters, including the September/October 2014 issue.

What’s a focus?

Let’s review… A focus is a stubborn and hidden blockage to healing that interferes with the body’s ability to self-regulate and heal. It is typically caused by past stress or trauma or hidden inflammation. An otherwise healthy person may be unaware of focus activity in the body until another stress occurs that triggers a cascade of symptoms.The stress could be an accident, intense emotional stress, or otherwise innocuous illness,

One way to think about it: “A focal disturbance that goes unnoticed is like a smoldering fire which threatens to flare up with the next gust of wind.” (Beate Strittmatter, in her book Identifying and Treating Blockages to Healing.)

When someone does not respond to acupuncture, homeopathy, or chiropractic treatment–or they only get a few hours of relief–their main complaint is most likely not the primary problem. Their primary problem is most likely caused by a focus.

Another way to think about it is that a healthy person who has no hidden foci will typically recover from an injury or illness after a short period of rest and healing. Someone with a chronic focus, on the other hand, will most likely experience worsening symptoms or develop a chronic condition.

What on earth could your teeth be hiding?

Most of us have experienced dental work, be it a filling, crown, tooth extraction, or root canal. The trouble is, the trauma from dental work, unsuitable filling materials, deep tooth decay, or impacted wisdom teeth can leave behind debris and inflammation that is often painless and goes unnoticed. The body will attempt to protect itself from this debris and localized inflammation by walling it off from the rest of the body. This process gradually drains the body’s energy and leads to focus activity.

Why is dental health particularly important?

If there is inflammation in a tooth, our body as a whole is going to be weakened by it. Furthermore, the meridian system is connected to each tooth, creating correlations with other parts of the body. A diseased tooth can cause a stubborn problem in a distant part of the body. If the tooth problem isn’t remedied, the related part of the body will fail to heal as well. Hence, at the first sign of any dental problem (yellowing, pain, chipped tooth, etc.), you should find the nearest clinic with the availability of emergency dentistry in cresskill (if that is where you live), and go in for a check-up.

In the early 20th century, Dr. Weston Price became curious about chronic health problems associated with root-canaled teeth. He continued his studies and wrote two books on the link between dental pathology and chronic illness. This article addresses health concerns associated with root canals and some of Dr. Price’s findings.

Assessment and treatment of hidden dental foci with German auricular medicine

In the German auricular medical system, we often use laser light encoded with specific electrical frequencies to gather particular kinds of information from the body. Think of tuning into a different radio station to hear a different program.

Beate Strittmatter, mentioned above, discovered that by using a particular frequency, she could single out focus activity in the dental area. Since the only way to find this information is with the use of a frequency, it is called the “hidden system.” Addressing hidden dental foci becomes very important in the case of chronic problems that are not healing with regular focus therapy.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to address all focus activity, be it dental or otherwise. Even a healthy person who is free of symptoms can preventively benefit from addressing focus activity. Removing the stress caused by a focus through use of German auricular medicine can restore your energy reserve so you can respond to new stressors and challenges down the line.

Do you have any chronic health problems that don’t seem to respond to typical therapies?

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