Great article on German auricular acupuncture

If you have had an appointment at Red Clover Clinic in the past couple of years, you have probably heard me talk about or experienced a session of German auricular acupuncture. 

This technique has really transformed my practice by helping me treat many conditions with greater effect than before, or at the very least, offering a complementary effect to more traditional acupuncture treatment. I am currently one of three practitioners in the U.S. listed on the Vital Principle website as Level II-certified.

Many people struggle to wrap their brains around how it works. For this reason, I want to share an article with you written by my teacher, Muriel Agnes: German Auricular Acupuncture: Effective for Your Patients. Despite the fact that her intended audience is practitioners, she explains the history of the medicine and how it works in plain and simple language. I encourage you to read it!