Clearing blockages to healing

I recently returned from another German auricular acupuncture training in Ottawa, Ontario. (Maman, the giant spider pictured to the left, created by sculptor Louise Bourgeois,  is one of many signature images of Ottawa.) 

The training was called “Clearing Blockages to Healing,” a simple name with profound meaning. I knew the new information would allow my auricular acupuncture assessments and treatments to work on an even deeper level than before, but I was, once again, truly blown away by the healing potential of this modality. 

As discussed in a previous newsletter, one of the primary features that distinguishes German auricular acupuncture from other types of auricular acupuncture is focus therapy. A “focus” is a stubborn and hidden blockage to healing, due to a body/brain memory of a particular stress or trauma or from a physical/emotional wound that is concealed within the body. The body becomes consumed with healing these blockages and it can’t attend to healing other day-to-day issues. The person who has such a blockage will experience chronic conditions possibly without experiencing obvious injury or illness. Even perceivable, diagnosable conditions can be ameliorated by focus therapy, by lessening the stress load on the body.

The new protocol I use to find, prioritize, and treat focus activity takes great concentration on my part and is somewhat time-consuming. Ultimately, it is truly worth the extra time and energy. Already some of my clients have noticed a difference!