Spring allergies: a personal case history

I thought you might enjoy a spring allergy story–mine. Herbs came to the rescue, though I had to try a few to get full relief. These may or may not work for you; everyone’s case is different and ought to be assessed.

A few weeks ago, my throat started to feel sore, and I felt congested. It didn’t really feel like a cold, and I’m not accustomed to allergy symptoms. The symptoms just hung around for a few days and I was getting more and more irritated by them. Then, they got worse. 

I woke up one morning and my throat was sore and itchy, I had post-nasal drip, and I sounded very congested. When I got to work, the first herb I though of was burdock, my favorite herb to treat allergies. I took 6 drops of tincture under my tongue and waited a few minutes. It felt like my symptoms were calming down a bit. So, I took another 6 drops. My sinuses cleared out a lot, but I still sounded congested. I decided I was on the right track, and continued taking the burdock tincture throughout the day, every hour or so. 

By the next morning I felt a lot better. While driving to work, however, my eyes started running like a faucet. My nose joined in. I knew I better act fast. I went back to my herb kit and tried a couple of different things… nothing worked. Then I thought of nettles, which is very astringent/drying and commonly used to treat allergy symptoms. I took 6 drops and felt an improvement within a couple of minutes. I took another dose, and my eyes cleared completely. Throughout the day I continued to take both burdock and nettles, whenever I started to feel symptoms. During the 3 following days, I took approximately 3 doses per day. And now I’m down to 1 to 2 doses per day. 

Whatever the allergen was, it is either barely affecting me, or it got washed away in the rain. Either way, I’m thankful for my green friends. Today, on my walk, I took photos of these powerful plants to share with you.