In search of health

As this year comes to a close, I am filled with excitement and gratitude as I think of all the wonderful people who have walked through the doors at Red Clover Clinic. I have witnessed some profound shifts towards health during the past year…pain has decreased, anxiety has become manageable, depression has lifted, digestion has improved, and other complaints have faded away. The shift that has impressed me the most, and seems to be a common thread in all of my clients, is a new respect and understanding of how to nurture one’s body and one’s health.

In a world where searching for the cure seems to be the focus, holistic medicine teaches us that health is rarely about simply curing a particular ailment, but more about learning how to work with our bodies within the context of our lives and the world in which we live.  How do we nourish ourselves? How do we manage our stress? How do we use our bodies correctly to avoid pain? How do we best support our immune system? Certainly, there are treatments to take away pain and to help us recover from disease, however, if we haven’t learned how to respect and nurture our health through the recovery process, we will only stumble into sickness and discomfort again, and again.

Nurturing health and wellness is a life-long pursuit and learning process, and it requires patience, persistence and awareness. It requires us to make healthy choices, and to find help and support when we need it. I am grateful to all of you who have allowed me to be a part of your journey to discovering and maintaining your health. Thank you.